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 Publications and Downloads


The Society issues a newsletter once or twice a year, with accounts of its outings and indoor meetings and news of local plant life. Contributions are always welcome; please email the Newsletter Editor, Richard Aisbitt. Back issues of the Society's newsletter from the last six years can be downloaded by clicking the links below.
No. 46 Summer 2016 No. 45 Summer 2015 No. 44 Winter 2014 No. 43 Summer 2014 No. 42 Winter 2013 No. 41 Summer 2013 No. 40 Summer 2012 No. 39 Winter 2011 No. 38 Summer 2011 No. 37 Winter 2010


Wiltshire Botany is our scientific journal and is currently published on an ad-hoc basis. If you wish to submit an article, please contact the Editor, John Presland in the first instance. Collated copies of all back issues can be downloaded by clicking the links below; please note that not all issues are complete.
No. 14 (2013) No. 13 (2012) No. 12 (2011) No. 11 (2010) No. 10 (2008) No. 9 (2007) No. 8 (2006) No. 7 (2005) No. 6 (2004) No. 5 (2002) No. 4 (2001) No. 3 (2000) No. 2 (1999) No. 1 (1997)


We have a collection of over 100 botanical books. These include identification guides, local floras, guides to other countries, and general botany. Members are welcome to borrow these for as long as they want, but should be happy to pass them on if asked.

You could also make a modest donation to the society and keep the book forever.
The books are listed on the spreadsheet download below. Please contact Richard Aisbitt if you would like to borrow or purchase anything.
WBS Library

Other publications

NEW!! Archaeology offers clues to history of a Small-leaved Lime tree at Inwoods
Dave Green's fascinating account of his attempt to determine the history of an enigmatic lime tree by examining archaeological evidence for the area.
Juniper regeneration in the Porton Ranges
Read the fascinating account of a 3 year study of regeneration of Juniper in the Porton Ranges, written by WBS members Anne Appleyard, Sue Fitzpatrick, Ailsa McKee and Pat Woodruffe.
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