Wiltshire Botanical Society

The Society

The roots of the Wiltshire Botanical Society began in the 1980's when volunteers made a thorough and detailed survey of the county’s flora, resulting in the publication of the Flora of Wiltshire in 1993. Instead of disbanding, the members joined together to form the Wiltshire Botanical Society.

The society's aims are to:

  • Foster botanical knowledge and to encourage interest in our local flora
  • Increase members' knowledge and skills
  • Publicise threats to the habitat and to the survival of wild plants

Field trips

Every year we organise a full programme of outings to interesting sites in Wiltshire or neighbouring counties, where the leader and members share their knowledge of plants and their habitats. We also hold residential trips each year, visiting botanical hotspots all over England and Wales.  In winter members and outside speakers give talks and lead walks. Some have covered botanical trips in Britain or abroad. Others have described different habitats, groups of plants or national surveys. Also, visiting experts explain their professional work or research. 

Monitoring and research

WBS members are involved with a range of initiatives recording species presence and monitoring change across the county. At present many members are actively contributing records for the next BSBI Atlas, a ten-year recording initiative. We also undertake other botanical research projects in conjunction with Natural England, Plantlife and others. Members contribute to local knowledge of arable weeds, assist with recording work in new reserves and help to provide data to establish a Wiltshire Rare Plants Register. All records generated by society members are sent to our local biological records centre, making sure the data are shared with the wider community.


The Society issues a newsletter twice a year, with accounts of its outings and indoor meetings and news of local plant life. Our scientific publication Wiltshire Botany has so far been published annually. 

To Join

Please contact the Treasurer, Sue Fitzpatrick on 01722 410807 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Annual membership costs £15 (single) and £20 for couples.

We are now on Facebook! Go to 'Wiltshire Botanical Society' to see what we are up to. 

We also have a Twitter feed '@WiltsBotSoc so please like us if you are on Twitter. 

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Plant of the month



Common Whitlowgrass

Erophila verna

This dainty annual brightens up waysides and scruffy urban ground in late winter. One of the smallest British crucifers, it has a life cycle lasting only a few months and will be long gone by the time most plants are coming into flower.