Wiltshire Botanical Society


Welcome to the Wiltshire Botanical Society. Our roots began in the 1980's when volunteers made a thorough and detailed survey of Wiltshire's flora, culminating in the publication of the Flora of Wiltshire in 1993. Instead of disbanding, the members joined together to form the Wiltshire Botanical Society. The society's aims are to:
  • Foster botanical knowledge and to encourage interest in our local flora
  • Increase members' knowledge and skills
  • Publicise threats to habitats and populations of wild plants
  • Undertake field meetings
  • Contribute botanical records to local and national recording schemes

Plant of the Month

Yew Taxus baccata

Truly a tree for all seasons, the evergreen Yew is most noticeable in autumn and winter, when it bears masses of small sticky red berries (strictly known as arils). 

It is the only representative of the Taxaceae native to the British Isles but has been widely planted for centuries. It is a very slow-growing and long-lived tree and some of the oldest examples - more than 1000 years old - can be found in churchyards.

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